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Planning Your Wedding at a Winery or Vineyard?

I absolutely LOVE the idea of the rustic charm of a vineyard setting for a wedding at a winery.

Here are some additional questions you might like to ask the winery before making your booking.

1. Do they have alternative weather options available if the weather decides to prove un-cooperative and you are setting up outdoors?

2. Do they have heating options for the main area, should the weather turn cold? Remember many wineries are large, and may not often cater for warmth, where guests are sitting for long periods of time, possibly feeling the cold if there is inadequate heating. The same applies to cooling in the summer months.

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3. Is there an adequate electrical set up for a live music band or a DJ providing music?

4. Do they have added seasonal features?

  • Winter – Heating and features such as open fire places?
  • Autumn - Is there a view of the vines from the reception area? As vines create the MOST beautiful natural display of colour, when the vine leaves are colouring from, yellow to orange to red. They could make a real feature for your wedding.
  • Summer - Is it near harvest time and can you have bunches of grapes as part of your rustic wedding decorations?
  • Spring – The charm of the freshest, most vibrant green of the vines. Are there views?

9. Is there enough shade for you and your guests if your wedding is in the heat of summer? My wedding day was a hot 42 degrees Celcius.

10. How do they add atmosphere? Are there special candle settings, if so are they safe?

11. Is there flooring for seating and a dance floor, if the reception if purely held in the gardens of the vineyard? Think of your shoes sinking into the earth and consider flatter wedding shoes for comfort. Also suggest this for your guests.

12. Do they have their own wedding coordinator staff for the running of the day on the premises? And is this included in their price? This could save you the headache of managing it- or the cost of hiring a separate wedding coordinator for the day.

13. Is there a chapel on the premises you can get married in?

14. If the winery is a little out of town for you and your guests, do they offer accommodation- or can they recommend nearby accommodation options for you.
Do they include wedding decorations for the tables, dressing covers for the chairs, or do you need to arrange your own & how will you have them transported there?

15. There is every opportunity to enjoy the Rustic Charm of a more rural vineyard setting for your wedding. Ask them if they can extend the theme of rustic charm inside the venue for you, with decorations of wine barrels, logs, etc.

16. Is there a Master of Ceremonies included?

Alternative weather options could be an indoor setting

Autumn features Red, Orange and Gold colours accross the vineyard 

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