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Welcome to Wedding Beauty Blog,  your No.1 Resource for Wedding Planning and Bridal Beauty. Our Fetaure blog posts and New posts will be published below and also in the tabbed section above. Enjoy all the tips and tools to give you an enjoyable wedding planing experience and feel free to add your comments and anything you may need help with below.

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What Every Bride Needs To Know To Get Started Planning A Wedding, Using A Wedding Checklist.

 If you knew where to start planning your wedding, you would probably not be currently feeling confused, overwhelmed or stressed..


Instead, it’s unclear to you what your next step is. And you are probably worried that your wedding day will turn out badly, because you may be missing an important detail that you simply forgot to factor into your wedding plan.

You may be feeling feel anxious. The butterflies in your stomach may be stopping you from taking the next step you need, to create a truly magical wedding day for yourself.

What’s really happening here is, that there are so many elements to planning a wedding that you get worried about leaving out some important detail and this is the cause of overwhelm.

A wedding checklist system or formula would give you your first step, you would know where to start planning your wedding.

There is such a wedding checklist system and I want to share it with you. It’s called the Wedding Checklist Formula.

Let me step you through it right now.

Step 1

First you need to think identify and clarify your beliefs and values. Your beliefs are what you hold to be true to you. Your values are what you hold to be dear to you. This will be your compass in planning your wedding.

Step 2

Use your wedding checklist and prioritise everything on your list, using the following criteria. Firstly prioritise items according to what you know you really need for your wedding. Secondly prioritise items by what you want and desire for your wedding.

You can prioritise your list using a star system or a rating scale of 1 to 5.  One being the least important and five being the most important.

Step 3

Now on your wedding checklist, the high priority items are the ones you need to start focusing on first. This will help you eliminate wedding planning  overwhelm, as you will be able to narrow down the choices, by focusing on your top priority items on your wedding checklist, instead of everything at once.

If you need a wedding checklist and a system like the one I have outlined, you can get hold of the Wedding Checklist Formula, where I help you step by step to prioritise your wedding checklist. You can get hold of your free copy for a limited time from

Having a wedding planning system like the Wedding Checklist Formula, and the steps outlined in this article, will help you to go from wedding planning stress confusion and overwhelm, to confident and clear knowing exactly where to start planning your wedding.


My warmest wishes to you for a joyous wedding day,


 Wedding Checklist


This video outlines all you need to know about using your 
Wedding Checklist Formula How to Get started planning your wedding.

Brides, Discover How To Relieve Wedding Stress in 3 Easy Steps

It's important to know some simple ways of reducing wedding planning stress- or any stress for that matter. And here I share with you 3 simple steps you can act on immediately.

Let's face it, no bride or groom wants to look awful on their wedding day because the fatigue, frustrations and anxiety leading up to this day, have left them drained and stressed.
We know that stress can show up on your face such as extra lines, dark circles under your eyes and lack of a healthy glow.
When you experience lack of sleep, fatigue, anger, frustration, anxiety, all these negative feelings can lead to stress, and if you don't deal with them, and dispel them, they can spoil the joy of preparing for your wedding. And to make it worse, it's often easy for others to tell when you've been feeling that way, because they see it in your face.
I would like to share with you a simple and effective method to relieve your wedding stress in 3 easy steps.
Now, there are only 3, easy to follow principles that you need to know. They are the simplest and most direct route to relieve wedding stress quickly and easily.

The 3 important principles you need to know are: 
1. You need to relax your body 
2. You need to clear your mind of negative thoughts. 
3. You need to know how to focus on the joy of your wedding day, and visualise your future together with enthusiasm and passion.
Here's what you can expect once you put these principles into use... 
-You will...relieve your body of built up tension in the muscles. 
-You will... begin to release those negative emotions. 
-And of course, you will begin enjoying the wedding planning process and more importantly your wedding day and your future together.

So, try this right now: take a deep breath.
Breathe in... 
Breathe out... 
Gently close your eyes just for a few seconds, and picture yourself 1 or 2 weeks from now.
You have been implementing this three step system on a daily basis, and you are finding yourself, smiling, feeling more joyful and excited about your wedding day.

You realise that the stress and tension you had been feeling, has melted away, because you now have a clear vision of an easy flowing wedding and a bright and joyous future together with your partner.

So it is indeed possible to achieve relief from wedding stress In fact, you're probably already envisioning a calm and easy flowing planning process and a gorgeous wedding day.
You need to an easy and accessible way to relieve your wedding stress, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding preparations.

To make it easier for you, I have put together a simple and highly effective Pre Wedding Stress Relief audio, which you can download for free from 


Brides, Beware of Wedding Planning Stress

3 key areas Brides need to be concerned about, when it comes to 
wedding planning stress.

There’s enormous pressure on brides these days in getting organised for their special day. Sadly many brides find themselves in an extremely high state of anxiety and stress. A totally undesirable experience, for what is meant to be a joyous event.
Wedding Stress

It’s common for Brides to end up really frazzled and stressed, whilst juggling their wedding planning, their work, dealing with conflicting opinions and everything else that’s going on around them. 

 The last thing you would want, is for all that stress to show up on your face on the wedding day. So it’s really important to find strategies and tools to relieve your wedding planning stress, quickly and easily, and reclaim the fun and joy of planning a wedding. 

So what are the 3 key areas of concern for brides experiencing wedding planning stress?

1. Lack of sleep
With marriage listed as the No.7 most stressful events in life, by Holmes and Rahe, Brides are often unaware of the extent of stress created when they are involved in a major change in their life. 

At a most basic level, wedding planning stress can totally spoil the excitement and fun of planning your wedding. 
Even more of a concern is, stress often causes lack of sleep and the combination of stress and reduced sleep can become problematic, possibly leading to moodiness and even depression.

2. Facial Stress lines
A combination of poor sleep, stress and anxiety, can begin to show up on your face as dark circles under the eyes, or worse, facial stress lines. Not the way you want to be looking on your wedding day. You want to be radiantly beautiful from the inside out.

3. Gaining weight
Two possible ways to gain unwanted weight before your wedding, may come from comfort eating, to combat stress. Or it can come from extra eating to provide extra fuel and energy, when you have slept poorly and your body is trying to compensate for lack of energy. The bad thing about gaining weight before your wedding, is keeping up with your dress fittings, as there will come a point when you can no longer make alterations before the wedding date.

So, make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat healthy nutritional foods and use helpful stress relief tools like the            Pre Wedding Stress Relief relaxation audio. 
Useful stress relief tools, such as the Pre Wedding Stress Relief audio, help relieve wedding stress, restore calm and help you focus on getting your tasks done easily and create the most enjoyable, wedding planning experience possible.

 I am thrilled to be able to offer, one of my wedding planning stress relief tools, FREE for every bride. This audio is simple solution to wedding planning anxiety and stress. Brides you can now quickly and easily relieve wedding stress, with this Free downloadable relaxation audio, titled- Pre Wedding Stress Relief.

Available from

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